Marko Hiiemäe

cattle farmer

 Marko Hiiemäe has been involved in agriculture since 2016, when he started raising cattle, and since 2021, his farm has transitioned to organic farming. Today, his farm is home to ca. 100 animals, including Wagyus, Limousins, and Angus cattle. Marko is the largest purebred Wagyu cattle breeder in Estonia. In his farm, he follows environmentally friendly practices, such as intensive rotational grazing, with the goal of providing high-quality beef produced in an environmentally sustainable way.

Marko actively contributes to the development of the Estonian cattle farming sector. Since 2021, he has been a member of the board of the Estonian Cattle Breeders Association and is also a member of the NGO Liiviima Lihaveis. He is dedicated to promoting the cattle farming sector, with a particular focus on sustainable production of high-quality beef. Marko is also the CEO of Linnamäe Meat Industry, where the main focus is on adding value to beef products.

His achievements have earned him several accolades. In 2023, his farm received the titles of Estonia’s Best Farm and Tori Municipality’s Business of the Year. His young bull won the title of the Best Limousin Bull in the Animal Breeders’ Association of Estionia’s performance testing group evaluation in 2022. Additionally, he organizes the annual Cattle Festival on his farm, attracting thousands of visitors each year.