A Not-For-Profit organization

Northern roots ngo

Our Mission

Northern Roots empowers farmers and land managers with the knowledge and tools they need to make better-informed decisions that enhance the health of their lands and their farms as thriving businesses.

What We Offer

Northern Roots serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and practices in agriculture that drive forwards regeneration. Covering a broad spectrum of topics that are relevant to conventional, organic, arable, livestock, landowners, and tenant farmers, we strive to unify the stakeholders in the agricultural space towards the wellbeing for all involved.

As a non-profit organization we raise support through extensive partnerships, events, grant projects and donations which we use to bring our mission into reality.

The Forum

Our flagship event, the Northern Roots Forum, is a two-day immersive experience that brings together international soil health experts, experienced farmers, and agronomists. For the first time in the Baltic region, we’re introducing global pioneers, including Ray Archuleta (USA), Rick Clark (USA), Steve Kenyon (CAN), Ben Taylor-Davies (UK), Ed Brown (UK), and many more.

Explore this years schedule for the forum

Learn from pioneers with decades of experience in agroecological and profitable farming. Gain insights, ask questions and go into conversation to take home key knowledge and inspiration.