Tim May

Farm Manager at Kingsclere Estate

Kingsclere Estate farms 2500 acres regeneratively and organically, applying a holistic management and enterprise stacking approach. We currently grow organic crops including quinoa, linseed, gluten-free oats and heritage wheats/grain varieties and have 480 New Zealand Frisian Jersey crossbreed dairy cows and a mobile milking parlour, which is followed by egg laying chickens housed in mobile units, with us managing cows and hens on the herbal ley grassland. The dairy and egg enterprises are run as shared-farm partnerships.

Our vision at Kingsclere is to regenerate the estate for a fertile future by encouraging the growth of a circular community – of growers, farmers, producers and local businesses. We have seen first-hand the outcome of commodity farming, and the benefits of working within a circular economy designing out waste and pollution, keeping materials in use for as long as possible, and regenerating natural systems.