Patricia Wiklund

Food system and bio-economy expert

 Patricia Wiklund is the CEO of Invenire, a making ideas-happen-agency working with food & the bioeconomy, circularity, biodiversity & thriving rural landscapes. She has created a “living laboratory” on the Åland Islands which brings all these topics together. Patricia is also a hub leader in the Baltic region of the Savory Network promoting holistic management, and a partner in Gens, a company working for upward spiraling farm life.

Patricia has been working within the food industry for the past 25 years. She has also worked with sustainable tourism, history and culture, artisan foods and forestry. Currently she runs several projects connected to nutrient circulation, biodiversity enhancing, fossil free and water smart solutions.

A true joy for Patricia is to work directly with farmers, facilitating regenerative development and providing help and support to accelerate change. Patricia lives on a dairy farm in the Southwest of Finland and has been involved in agriculture all her life. She is particularly interested in pasture management, animal integration and innovative farm design.