Madis Pärtel

Deputy Secretary General at Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture of Estonia

Madis Pärtel has been actively involved in the making of agricultural policy for over 10 years. Currently, he is serving as the Deputy Secretary General for Agricultural and Rural Life Policies at the Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture. One of his responsibilities is also to lead the discussions about the sustainable use of soils in food production.

During 2020-2023 Madis served as the Director of Agriculture and Fisheries Division at the Permanent Representation of Estonia to the European Union. As Spokesperson for the Special Committee on Agriculture (SCA), he successfully communicated Estonian positions, including on the negotiations of the current CAP Regulation, the Green Deal, and the EU Soil strategy for 2030. Additionally, in 2021, Madis spent 6 months at the Cornell University in New York, where he further deepened his knowledge on the agriculture and soil management.

Madis has also managed the European Union Department at the Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture. As the Head of the Department, he was also leading the preparation and the organisation of the Estonian European Union Council’ Presidency. Including the organization of the High-Level Conference on Soil for Sustainable Food Production and Ecosystem Services, which was held in October 2017.

Madis’ passion and experience in policy making puts great value in helping the farming community to produce food more sustainably.