Kristina Simonaitytė

Advisor to Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture

Since January 2021 Kristina Simonaityte has been serving as an Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture of Lithuania, working primarily on the topics of climate and nature in the context of agriculture. At the Ministry she has been leading the work related to the agriculture and LULUCF measures in the updated National Energy and Climate Plan, as well as coordinating the efforts regarding the EU Nature Restoration Law, EU Carbon Sequestration Regulation and involved in the discussions on the EU Soil Monitoring Law as well as other European Green Deal initiatives relevant to agriculture sector. In her role as Advisor to the Minister she focusses on the ways to encourage the transformation towards sustainable agriculture, which contributes to climate action and biodiversity and soil conservation and restoration, as well as ensures food security and farmers livelihoods.

Her previous roles include developing policy on ecosystem services at the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania at the national level, as well as policy communication work at the European Environmental Bureau and the Cabinet of Commissioner Andriukaitis at the European Commission at the EU level. Kristina has MSc in Forest and Nature Conservation Policy from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and BSc in Ecological Science from the University of Edinburgh in the UK.