Andreas Måttgård

Regenerative grazier

Andreas Måttgård runs a pioneering regenerative cow-calf operation nestled in the landscapes of southwest Sweden, where he actively collaborates with a dedicated team of employees and like-minded farmers. In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, Andreas serves as a knowledgeable advisor in key areas such as economy, management, and the implementation of a range of innovative low-tech solutions. 

Embracing a philosophy of collective action, the taem at Måttgårds farm places a strong emphasis on doing things together. By fostering a collaborative team spirit, they not only fortify their individual strengths but also build a resilient foundation to withstand the challenges in agricultural. The synergy with the team serves as a driving force behind their regenerative approach, ensuring that the shared values and cooperative efforts at Måttgårds farm lead the way towards a regenerative and profitable future.